Our travels around Florida

I know lots of our guests like to travel when they stay with us so I’d thought I’d tell you about our recent trip.


We stayed in the villa for 12 nights this gave us chance to do a deep clean and the regular maintenance jobs we like to do.

We always come in Aug and don’t mind the heat but this year it was different the humidity was stifling. Even in the evening it didn’t cool down, I’m glad we weren’t doing the parks this time. 

We choose to do south Florida for this trip as the boys hadn’t been to Miami and we wanted to see the keys.

We had booked Lowes Beach hotel which is right on the beach and a short stroll to Ocean drive. As we were driving we did a scheduled stop at Prestige Imports in Miami. If your a car enthusiast this place is heaven, it is a main dealer for most of the super car brands and also has lots of used super cars. 

The hotel was your typical big chain we were slightly disappointed with the pool area, the pool wasn’t particularly big and very deep. We booked through Hotels.com and had a free breakfast for 2 we tried to fob the boys off with a croissant but they were wise to our plan.

We planned to visit the Everglades holiday park, this is featured on The Gator Boys a show we’ve watched. It was about an hour away back up towards Fort Lauderdale.  


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